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SBEM is the Simplified Building Energy Model for commercial buildings. It is the standard tool for checking energy compliance with Building Regulations using Approved Document L2A in England and Wales, and Section 6 in Scotland, and Part F in Northern Ireland.

SBEM calculations are required at the design stage when plans are submitted for Building Control approval, and at the sign off stage when construction is completed. This applies to commercial new builds, extensions, renovations and changes of use.

Our experienced staff are well practised in providing site-specific advice on conventional and renewable energy methods in order that compliance can be achieved with the minimum of fuss and cost.

We provide two standard services for our clients:

1. A straightforward compliance check based on architects’ plans and fit out information. The deliverable is a BRUKL certificate demonstrating PASS or FAIL.

2. An interactive process with our clients starting as early in the design stage as possible aimed at achieving compliance in the simplest and most cost effective manner and with the minimum of redrafting work. We work with our clients to achieve a PASS both ‘On Design’ and ‘As Built’ when construction is complete. We are also able to provide an Energy Performance Certificate on completion if required.

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