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All commercial buildings waste energy to some extent. These are typical common causes of energy loss.

1. Heat conduction through building elements to the exterior.
2. Heat loss through air movement.
3. Heat loss up the chimney from combustion heating.
4. Old or inefficient air conditioning.
5. Solar overheating.
6. Inefficient lighting (very common, even in modern buildings).
7. Auxiliary losses from fans, pumps, motors and controls.

Substantial energy savings are routinely available from fairly simple and cost effective measures for both old and recently constructed buildings.

We are independent consultants with no connection to energy suppliers or building element manufacturers, and can therefore offer impartial advice.

We offer the following services

1. A 50 point health check to identify the major causes of energy loss. This could form a starting point for your own energy reduction activities or a more detailed survey by ourselves. Price £100 + VAT
2. A detailed survey to quantify the extent of energy saving and running cost reductions, and likely capital costs of implementation. Please call for a quotation
3. Advice on incorporating low carbon and renewable energy sources into your business. Please call for a quotation.

For further information or to arrange a no obligation discussion, please do not hesitate to contact us.